About Us –

San Diego Web Design
ie Web Design is a partnership created to provide
comprehensive website services to small and mid-sized businesses.
Comprehensive means delivering sites that not only look professional
and navigate easily, but that also attract the visitors you are
seeking and encourage them to take the action you want. That requires
not only knowledge of web design, development and usability, but
also Internet marketing and sales. And most importantly, it requires
the business background to understand the needs of your business
and how your website can work to meet those needs.
Bringing that necessary wide range of experience to your projects
is what makes ie Web Design different from many other web design

Both Diane Skermont and Robin King have been working in web
design and development, Internet marketing, and eCommerce for nearly
10 years. Prior to moving to the web, Diane spent 15 years in the
information technology field including network and desktop administration,
project management and consulting. Robin originally trained as a
theatrical designer and worked for over

15 years as a theatre production
manager, business manager and designer. We have both owned and operated
our own successful Internet businesses, gaining specialization in
eCommerce, Internet marketing strategies and expertise in search
engines and how to achieve top search engine rankings.
We formed ie Web Design to have the opportunity to utilize all
of that experience. We know successful web development is driven
by an in-depth understanding of your business goals.

Our effective
visual design, information design, content development and marketing
are focused on realizing your business objectives. ie Web Design
has allowed us to merge twenty years of business experience with
the comprehensive expertise to deliver websites that achieve results.
We are committed to your success.